Gathering for a purpose is not just about achieving goals, it's also about creating a sense of belonging and shared identity.​​

At Moms of Color, we believe that every event we host must serve a greater purpose. While we value having fun, our focus remains on bringing about meaningful change. Our community is in need of unity, inspiration, and healing, and we come together with a mission to create the change we want to see. We invite like-minded individuals, such as yourself, to join us on this journey towards a brighter future as we strive to plant seeds into OUR community. We have three types of events we host, sisterhood, kids, and community events all with the same goal of joining forces to make a better world for OUR youth and communities. 

Harmony Hour: A Soulful Gathering for Moms of Color

(Sisterhood Event)

Harmony Hour: A Soulful Gathering for Moms of Color” invites you to a peaceful one-hour retreat dedicated to nurturing your spirit. Experience a guided meditation session, designed to instill tranquility and empowerment, connecting you to your inner strength. Engage in an open sharing circle, where you can voice your experiences and listen to others, creating bonds of support and understanding. The event concludes with a gratitude practice, leaving you uplifted and connected. Join us for an hour of rejuvination, connection, and empowerment.”

March 16, 2024

The Black Boy Sit Down

(Kid’s Event)


Re-Imagining Love: Conversations Inspired by Bell Hooks

(Virtual Community Event)

Join us on Bell Hooks’ birthday for “Re-Imagining Love: Conversations Inspired by Bell Hooks,” an event that dives deep into the essence of love within the Black community. This gathering, fueled by Hooks’ profound insights, prompts us to reflect: “Am I really loving those I claim to love?” We’ll not only celebrate but also challenge our understanding of love as a radical, transformative force.

In collaboration with The Purple Blossom Tree Foundation, we will also touch upon love’s complexities, including its role in addressing domestic violence. Let’s honor Bell Hooks’ legacy by expanding our views on love, justice, and community transformation. Join us to re-imagine love’s impact on our inner and outer worlds.

                                       July 16,2024


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