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We are a National Community Organization that focuses on healing, educating and empowering Black mothers and children. We are focused on sharing information and stories that will help guide the Black community in the direction of success in all areas of our lives and the lives of our children. 
Our slogan is “Our kids, Our Community, Our Business” with an emphasis on OUR. Because we believe in the village mentality. We believe that through unity we can all get much further in our journey through motherhood, we can see our communities flourish, and we can come together to support each others business endeavors. No one is going to save us and that’s why we believe that OUR progression is OUR business.
We are always looking to meet with likeminded individuals, please contact us if you feel you can contribute to OUR organization. Also, check out our services page for additional information about us.
We are a National Company but our healing and learning space is located in New Orleans, LA.
Our Sister Companies are Afro Yogi Kids and Black Girls with MICS