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If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve probably noticed that our page has gone through a couple of changes since its development, we have been trying to find our way in the world of Community Organizing. Changing our face and seeking the route we believe would be most beneficial to serve our Mothers of Color. Through personal experiences, research, and observation we’ve come to believe that we can best serve our community by placing a larger focus on mental health; an overlooked issue in our community. Moms of Color deal with a lot, historically though, we haven’t had to deal with it alone. We worked through our issues together, our sister’s issue was also our issue, their kids were also look at as our kids, and we were so knowledgeable about spirituality we were able to successfully reach out to our ancestors through rituals. Today we have strayed so far away from our origins we look at our sister’s problems as that of her own. We have gotten so caught up in self that we have failed to see the bigger picture. We’ve been strayed so far away from spirituality that we believe that rituals are evil, but they are a healthy part of our history. We do our best to promote community, to show that we are better together united as mothers and sisters. We are looking to pair with volunteers and like-minded organizations for our community space. Do you have a lesson or topic you want to teach to our mothers and/or children? Are you a friend who gives good advice, a good listener, and non-judgemental? Then sign up to volunteer as a talk therapist. Contact us if you  believe you could add to any of our services below.
Moms of Color – Our Kids, Our Community, Our Business
What do we offer in our Community Space?
Opening 6/15/2020
Sister to Sister Talks
We offer Sister to Sister talks for Women of Color in the New Orleans area who lack insurance or who’s insurance does not cover mental health services. We do not provide medication, instead we give face to face, open, confidential and judgement free conversation for our sisters to release their concerns.
Sister Circles
Come join us every other Sunday as we hold bi-weekly sister circles, we get together and talk about relationships, kids, business, life, sex, community issues, and much more in a sister to sister fashion.
Business/ Networking Seminars
We hold seminars that prepare our Women of Color to grow their businesses. Check out our Website to see what’s coming up!
Kid’s Learning Space
We hold various events that help our kid’s grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Check out Afro Yogi Kids, we hold a special yoga and mindfulness for Kid’s of Color that teaches confidence, spirituality, emotional control, mindfulness and more.
Women’s Learning Space
We hold various events for women to learn about business, motherhood, issues concerning our community, wellness, natural healing, and more!
Kid’s Book Club
We hold a bi-weekly book club for our two separate age groups ages 6-9 and ages 10-15. Our book selections all deal with black community issues, involvement, history, and/or critical thinking/ problem solving. Parent must purchase books.


Owner, Lakischa Smith