The Power of Doing Things Differently: How Mothers of Color Are Breaking Cycles of Harm

Motherhood is a journey that requires courage, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to breaking cycles of harm. For mothers of color, this journey can be especially challenging as it often means confronting generations of trauma and harmful practices. But the reward of breaking those cycles and creating a better future for our children is immeasurable.

As mothers, we must be willing to do the work. We must be willing to educate ourselves, to reflect on our own experiences, and to make changes even when it feels uncomfortable. This journey will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

It takes a great deal of strength to break cycles of harm. For many mothers of color, the harm is not only physical but also emotional and psychological. It is passed down from generation to generation, often in the form of beliefs and practices that we may not even be aware of.

It takes courage to confront this harm and to make the decision to do things differently. It requires a willingness to be vulnerable, to examine our own experiences and beliefs, and to make changes that may feel uncomfortable or challenging.

But the reward of breaking those cycles is immeasurable. We are not only creating a better future for our own children but also for future generations. We are healing wounds that have been open for far too long and creating a legacy of strength and resilience.

This journey requires a spiritual foundation. It requires us to connect with our inner strength, to rely on our faith, and to draw on the power of our ancestors. Our ancestors have walked this path before us, and their strength and resilience live on in us. We must honor them by continuing the work of breaking harmful cycles and creating a better future.

It is important to acknowledge that this journey will not be easy. There will be setbacks, there will be days when we feel like giving up. But we must not quit. We must keep going, even when it feels like we’re making little progress. We are breaking toxic cycles that have been passed down for generations, and that is no easy feat. But our dedication is what will create lasting change.

When we break cycles of harm, we are not only creating a better future for our children but also for ourselves. We are releasing ourselves from the grip of harmful beliefs and practices that may have been holding us back. We are creating space for healing and growth, both for ourselves and for our children.

This journey requires a commitment to self-growth and an openness to change. We must be willing to educate ourselves, to seek out resources that are geared towards mothers of color, and to reflect on our own experiences. We must also be willing to make changes, even when it feels uncomfortable or challenging.

One of the most important things we can do in this journey is to create a support system. Surrounding ourselves with people who support our growth as mothers can be incredibly helpful. This can include other mothers of color, family members, friends, or even a therapist. It is important to have people who we can turn to for advice, encouragement, and accountability.

Practicing mindfulness is also important in this journey. Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment and aware of our thoughts and feelings. It can help us to be more intentional in our interactions with our children and to respond to them in a calm and loving manner. Practicing mindfulness can also help us to break the cycle of harmful practices by allowing us to pause and reflect before reacting.

We must also be willing to celebrate our successes, no matter how small they may seem. Recognizing the progress that we have made and the positive impact that it is having on our children and our families can be incredibly motivating. It reminds us that our efforts are making a difference and encourages us to keep going.

With Love, Lakischa Smith

Meet Lakischa Smith, a proud mother and a dedicated public health advocate. With a Bachelor’s from Dillard University and a Master’s in Public Health from Florida International University, she’s committed to sharing honest narratives about black motherhood. Lakischa believes in fostering sisterhood to combat the pervasive forces of white supremacy, and empowering African American women to be agents of change for future generations. She asserts that recognizing and addressing our community’s struggles is crucial, for healing is the key to moving forward. Armed with the power of education and a deep belief in collective action, Lakischa is determined to ensure that the issues impacting African American maternal health aren’t just seen—they’re addressed and resolved.

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