You Don’t have to be “Big” to do Big Things

You Don’t have to be “Big” to do Big Things

We live in an every man for themselves society. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mindset of utilizing your power to only benefit yourself. We work hard to develop our talents and businesses and we ensure that we have created a good life for our families to thrive from all of our hard work. While these are wonderful achievements, we complete our goals and look back at the place where it all began to see kids just like us with much less opportunities and resources. In that moment we realize we improved our self, but neglected our community. We often forget about the importance of lifting our communities up as we began to grow and most importantly we entertain this false idea that we don’t have the resources to do so.

This is a difficult topic, because some people feel that they can only do so much for the community if they already have issues taking care of themselves. Granted, as the cost of living rises, as well as the amount of household debt, people begin to feel quite powerless. Many of us assume that making huge monetary donations is the only way to make an impact, but we fail to realize there are many ways to help improve our community and it starts with us all being on board to do so. Creating change starts with a unified front.

A community cannot thrive without unity. Once we begin to segregate ourselves, we leave many things in the hands of the wrong people.

There are two preconceived notions that follow the act of bettering the community. The first is that most people feel if they aren’t in a decent financial situation, they can’t contribute to the cause. This is untrue because volunteering your time and even your knowledge can be just as impactful. If you feel passionate about improving something in your community, but feel you may not have the means, look into these ways to get started.

Ways you can contribute:

* Join a group There are so many different organizations that may be geared towards the exact issue you want to resolve.

* Start a group If there isn’t one, there’s always the option to create it yourself. Non profits are created everyday, and there are an endless amount of resources to help get you started.

* Educate yourself/ then educate others (make sure it’s in that order) If you disagree with certain policies, get informed on how to change them.

The second preconceived notion is that people feel either the cause doesn’t have an effect on them directly, or any efforts they contribute won’t make much of a difference. This also is untrue. History has proven time and time again that no matter how horrendous and seemingly ineliminable the situation, a united community with a mission and purpose can change anything.

Reasons why it is important:

* We get more done as a collective As the age old phrase goes, there is power in numbers.

* We need a diverse opinion If we want our communities to reflect the beliefs of our people, we need our voices to be included in the discussion.

The people of New Orleans are emotionally, triumphantly, and powerfully connected after facing the devastation of Katrina, and if there was anything the rest of the world learned from watching us come together and rebuild, it’s that when you combine the passion of a city’s people with the will to make a change you can create miracles.

Always remember you don’t have to be big to do big things you just have the drive to do so.

Written by: Christina Rousseau


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