Why Environmental Health Matters to the Future of Black Children

Why Environmental Health Matters to the Future of Black Children

In this article, I am going to be discussing why environmental health matters to the future of Black children. Environmental Health is a huge issue for low-income communities and black communities in particular. This is because there are more chemical facilities near these areas that can cause serious issues like respiratory disease, birth defects and cancer. Environmental justice also impacts Black people disproportionately due to historical injustices such as redlining which has lead them to live in polluted areas without access to fresh fruits and vegetables or clean air. In order for us change this we need grassroots movements led by Black activists who can stand up for their community!

There have been far to many instances where we have left environmental health out of the equation when we are on our fight against injustices caused by white supremacy, capitalism and imperialism. We are not going to make it if we continue to ignore the fact that Black people face disproportionate environmental impacts on their health than any other group because many neighborhoods they live in are located in low-income areas near power plants, industrial waste facilities or highways.

The Black community has been fighting for environmental justice and clean air for many years but we are still not being heard! We need our voices to be louder than ever so the world knows that this is a priority issue and if they do not take it seriously then the results will continue to be devastating.

Community Organizer Pat Bryant from New Orleans, LA stated “We cannot focus on saving the Black Community without putting focus on environmental health” and I couldn’t agree more, our people are literally dying by simply breathing .

We need to take a stand and be able to impact change for future generations of Black children.

Whether or not we like it, the environment impacts our health so let’s make sure that environmental issues are priority.”

Living in a highly polluted area, or without clean water such as many residents did in Flint Michigan has caused a lot of issues with black children’s health.

Environmentally challenged Black children are at risk for many types of illnesses that can cause great harm and even death, lead poisoning being one . Lead exposure has been linked to decreased cognitive function. Cognitive disorders can cause children to have less focus and memory retention which can result in difficulty with school work.” Also, Brain development is also impacted by lead poisoning.

Environmental health is not just an issue for Black children, it’s also close to being the number one global concern.” In America alone, some 80% of African Americans live in counties that rank among the nation’s most polluted when looking at particle pollution (soot).”

Lets take a stand and make a difference. Some things that can be done to help with environmental injustice is to have more recycling, and less use of toxic chemicals. Fight government officials, write letters, have meetings and take part in protests.

We must stand together to create change.”

“Environmental health is very important for Black children because of the close connection between environmental contaminants and neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

When it comes down to the future black children we need to do everything in our power that will make a difference for them so they can grow up healthy and happy.” In order not to lose another generation because “we” failed them.

Moms of Color