Unleash Mom Guilt

Unleash Mom Guilt

There will be times when you feel like you’ve failed as a mom, but in the eyes of your child/children you are Super Mom. You are a freaking superhero and that is something to be proud of.  As moms, we sometimes experience feelings of guilt. Working moms, stay at home moms, singles mom, all of us feel this way at some point. No matter what your label is I’m sure you’ve had this feeling.  So first I’d like to let you know, Mom you are not alone! I, along with many other moms are there right with you. We judge ourselves way too harshly and don’t realize that there is no such thing as a perfect mom. So stop trying to be perfect, you can’t.

Think about that one mom you envy. She seems to have it all together, she does it all, and never seems to be falling apart. Meanwhile you’re over here like “how sway?” Guess what that mom isn’t perfect either. One of the hardest jobs to have is “mommin.” You’re on the clock non stop. It literally never stops.  Only thing that is certain is you won’t be fired. There’s no blueprint given or instructions on doing it correctly. Quite frankly there is no exact correct way. What works for you may not work for some other moms and that is ok. Unleash the mom guilt. Seriously, LET IT GO!

It hurt my heart to hear my son compare me to some of the other children’s moms in his class. He’s always telling me that one kid’s mom did this for the class and another kid’s mom did something else. The way I work keeps me from being so active in the classroom. To hear him say those words hurt me though. I work so hard to help provide for my family and I try to spend so much time with my kids, but my son wants more. It felt like I had been in the ring with Floyd Mayweather for a minute and he’d beat the crap out of me. I was already feeling guilty for never being able to attend field trips and being too exhausted to do fun things with him. But to hear those words escape my son’s mouth, whew that hurt. For the longest  I would beat myself up about how I work. Sure I want to spend much more time with my kids. I would love to help out with school events, but the way life is set up right now, mommy just can’t do it. My son just doesn’t understand that. I’m sure he wasn’t trying to attack me with his words either. But the truth hurt.

Even in those moments we moms have to realize that we can’t do it all. Maybe the kid’s mom who’s always at school, does not work and can afford to buy such things. Maybe she’s suffering in other areas that she masks. We all have issues, situations and circumstances. Not any of us are perfect. We do things because it’s what’s best. And that is more than enough. Keep going mama. Unleash that guilt and keep soaring through motherhood like the superhero you are! No worry, no guilt, no perfection, just killin this mommy ish!

By: Lynyadia Johnson



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