Tales of a Mother and Daughter

Tales of a Mother and Daughter

A relationship between mother and daughter is the most tumultuous thing you’ll ever see, and yet, it’s undeniably beautiful. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today if it wasn’t for the empowering woman my mother is, and I’m sure many other daughters feel the same. Mother’s serve a purpose that we can barely put into words at times. They are so important that everything we are is a reflection of them. Behind every un-apologetically powerful woman you see today is a mother who raised her to be. As daughters, it’s important to let the world know just how thankful we are. Although there’s a million reasons why mothers are amazing, here’s just a few.

Influence – The dynamic between mother and daughter is quite interesting to say the least. As children, we complain about the things they do. We vow to ourselves that we will be different. And yet, we turn 30 and instantly pause when we say a phrase we repeatedly heard growing up. The thing about influence is that you’re unaware when it’s happening. As much as we cringe at the “Your turning into your mother” phrase, does it always have to be in a bad way? Of course, when we do that itchy throat thing she always does it bothers us, but what about when we step out of a bad relationship because our mother was strong minded and self-sufficient. Or, what about when we persistently hunted for a job despite the endless amount of letdowns because our mother wasn’t a quitter.

The point I’m trying to make is that whether we notice or acknowledge it or not, our mothers have a strong impact on who we become and how we handle ourselves in difficult situations.

Patience – The amount of patience a mother must have raising a daughter is something I’m still trying to wrap my mind around. Mostly because it’s common for girls to go through a period in life where they just don’t see eye to eye with their mother. They don’t understand her fully yet. They don’t see their mother’s struggles and sacrifices, or any part of her life prior to being their mother. A lot of times when girls get to a certain age they mostly see the imperfections and it results in them either backing away from the relationship or becoming combative. Naturally it’s different with each family. Some mother daughter relationships just have a few rocky years, while others may be permanently estranged. The most admirable thing I’ve seen a mother do in this situation is to wait. Sometimes you say all you can say, and you’ve tried to explain yourself to no end. But in the end, if you wait for your daughter to mature into the person you know you raised her to be. You’ll feel confident that one day she’ll understand.

Hair – Lastly, can we all just admit how mothers that comb their daughters’ hair on the daily, while having multiple engagements might I add, deserve an award. I’m still trying to crack the code to find out how those parents perfect the daily routine of getting their kids to daycare on time for breakfast with their hair done nicely and still manages to get to work on time. My daughter’s hair has been beautiful all week and she’s made it on time for breakfast every day. Do you know what I look like? The epitome of a struggle. Life of a mother concluded.


Written by: Christina Rousseau