Raising the Upcoming Generation Differently

Many Black Mothers can point out to the very last detail where we felt our parents went wrong in raising us. How we felt in moments of mental/ physical abuse, a lack of lessons in relationship issues, failed financial literacy teachings, poor role-models, secret discussions about mental health, tough love that felt like it lacked love, moments our parents caused that made us feel abandoned or insecure, etc. All of the things that we believe could have made our lives much easier had they been done differently. Today, many of those Black women have their own children and one tough decision to make when raising them, continue the cycle or break it?

However, some Black Mothers have decided to continue the cycle; because well, they turned out fine, right? Forgetting those feelings and lessons that could have been avoided or taught to them in order to guide them into the individuals they aspire to be today, without all of the extra turmoil and obstacles of their parents actions, many of whom simply followed their own parents techniques. On the other hand, many more Black women have decided to take a different approach to parenting than their parents. Amazingly, they are in an era where more Black women are becoming more in-tune with their emotions and are connecting the dots to how their past childhood traumas and emotions have directly impacted the person they are today. Black mothers are saying no more! And are beginning to act consciously when raising their children.

Unfortunately, many are facing backlash for their decisions to raise their children differently from their Mothers and Grandmothers. Many Black mothers are turning to home-schools, plant-based diets, teaching spirituality over religion, teaching their kids to speak up instead of sit down, preparing their children for the un-sugarcoated real world, teaching them their real history, teaching them the importance of mental, physical, and emotional health, showing healthy examples of love, and the list goes on regardless of the backlash from people who fail to understand them. Black Mothers have been standing strong and firm. Unlearning and relearning and then sharing the truth with their children so they don’t have to dismantle the world on their own. A time-saver, an opportunity for them to get straight to adulthood with the answers to the questions they’ve had to learn for themselves. Choosing to take a different route for what they feel is strengthening their kids is revolutionary. Black Mothers are changing the futures of their children and the future of the generations to follow, by planting these seeds now. It all starts with healing, so they can plant healthier seeds into a world that needs more confident, healthy and bold black children.

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