Raising Boys seems like a Breeze for the White Mother

My son, a little black boy with a heart of gold. An occasional sprout of attitude and tearful moments when things just don’t go his way. A love for his family that is felt in our souls deeper than any love we have ever felt in this lifetime. A love for fast looking cars, video games, and challenges that he wins, a true competitor. A fear of scary dreams and a mission to become a superhero. He isn’t any different than any other 5 year old boy, regardless of his race or appearance.

One day, however,  possibly sooner than later, he will begin to understand discrimination. A society that lies and an America that was never great to Blacks. He will likely be introduced to phrases such as “Go back to where you came from”. A popular phrase used by angry Caucasians that ironically brainwashed themselves to believe that stolen land is their own. He will  likely be racially profiled for being violent, because he has darker skin, even though statistically history proves that whites have been the most violent race of individuals in America. He will be faced with societies many attempts to tell  him he isn’t worthy, strong enough or smart enough. Even though many inventions, break throughs and discoveries have fallen on the hard work of Black and then stolen and discredited. However, society doesn’t care about making attempts to help a little black boys self-esteem flourish as they grow into black men. There will be attempts to brainwash him into thinking that his normal emotions of sadness have no place living inside his body, because a black man is supposed to be built tough and those emotions are a weakness.  How can we expect them to brainwash our boys any different? Isn’t it society that tells him that he is supposed to be a thug? Fortunately,  history doesn’t show any signs of blacks ever being thugs.

Everyday I will attempt to fight against everything that this world will try to tell him that he is. I don’t believe a white mother’s worries could ever equal to one of a black mother’s. To deal with those “normal” everyday fears that come along with raising a child and then adding those low moral agendas guided by media, false history lessons intended to keep our black kids down and the UN-diagnosed mental illness known as white supremacy and white entitlement that comes equipped with hatred, violence, police brutality, career bias, and more; could never be understood by that of a white mother who typically keeps her mouth shut in times of racial adversity because the negative attention on a black kid, keeps the pressure off of hers. Please @ me, I have time today.

Written by: Lakischa Smith

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