Raising Black Kids in America

Moms of Color: raising black kids in America

Raising Black Kids in America

Living in America, it is difficult to raise any kid but raising black kids in America is even more difficult. When you are born into this world, black kids are born with an automatic societal stereotype. America has never been good to black people as a whole. America has covered its eyes and pretended to see no evil. However, in some aspects,  many of us are still brainwashed into thinking so little of ourselves and continue to pass those beliefs to our children. Nonetheless, raising black kids continues to be a struggle in the home. I don’t understand that bullshit because as parents we have to regain control and give these damn kids some structure.

Raising black boys in America, especially with the ignorant mentality of some public servants who are sworn to protect and serve us regardless of color is out of control. Why is it okay to be stopped by these public servants or pulled over, because you look a certain way and are considered to be a person of interest. Unfortunately, there are some blacks kids who break the law and should be treated as such, but to use the law to murder and kill another race of people is unfounded. How do we come to terms with knowing that black boys/men are targets for genocide in America? From seeing our sons and daughters arrested in front of our eyes to crying out loud because you lost a child due to violence is just one more thing for black people to worry about. Listen, there are alot of hardworking parents who do their very best to make sure their children are being raised in good homes and are being taught the dynamics of racism in America. That is one of the reasons why education is so important. We need more lawyers, doctors, teachers, and business owners to invest in ourselves and the community in order to establish social and economic growth where we will learn to empower and teach young people

That is why it is so important for parents to stop saying yes all the time and introduce the word no to them. Let that word be synonymous with you being a strong figure in the household and stand firm and be a person of conviction when raising children. Also, stop giving them too much privacy. You have the right to be concerned about what they are doing and who they are doing it with. Take back your control and stop giving them to much freedom. Keep them busy with church, after school activities, sports, community service. etc.

Written by: Deborah Ford