Open Letter to a Step Father

Let us take the time out to say thank you. There isn’t enough credit given to a man who cares for a child that is not biologically his. We appreciate your love and dedication. It takes a heart full of love to be enabled to not only love her but to share those moments with her child with the dedication you would carry with your own child. It takes a special man not to turn the other cheek and hand the responsibility solely to the child’s biological father, who is either in their life or not. We understand that the lines may be blurred when it comes down to what is expected and accepted through your relationship with the child. Thank you for staying strong and overcoming those insecurities, maintaining your dedication, and providing structure through healthy communication. Thank you for filling in at those sporting events, auditions, classes, and conversations that are uncomfortable for any parent. Thank you for giving motivation, wiping those endless tears, relearning those middle school math problems, and teaching those valuable life lessons. The thank yous are endless. The appreciation is overwhelming. You are a real superhero in the eyes of our children who would have missed out on the beauty that you have brought them. You are the superhero that so many of our kids have needed and have been left without.

Thank you!

Moms of Color

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