Seeking Members for Moms of NOLA Youth Group

We’ve found ourselves reaching out numerous of times asking our audience what they believed we could do to help our Youth flourish. We have received some wonderful suggestions and ideas, however, we believe its time for us to go straight to the source. The Youth!




Moms of NOLA is selectively seeking  8-10 youth members ranging in ages 12-18 to join our newly formed youth group.

This group will be responsible for supplying us and the entire Moms of NOLA community with the information they believe can help us encourage their peers to flourish. They will research, communicate, share and execute ideas as a team. They will be introduced to the role of public relations and public speaking as they will be thrown in front of a camera as they prepare for their community event “The Voices of the Youth”.  This group will learn the importance of team-work as they will build, market, and focus on community growth and involvement. The idea is to build their group from the ground up and keep track of their progress through data/research analysis as they get a taste of entrepreneurship all with the guidance of the owner of Moms of NOLA and other interested volunteers.


Group members must meet the following criteria

  1. Age 12-18
  2. Fearlessness: Speak up! Participants must be brave enough to speak on issues and thoughts concerning their community; in front of an audience and on camera.
  3. Team player: Participants must be awesome team players with the ability to collaborate and share ideas. Also, working together on ways to get additional community involvement.
  4. Willingness to learn: Marketing, public speaking, and research analysis will be involved. Must be willing to think outside the box and learn new ways to appeal to targeted audience.
  5. Available to meet a minimum of 1.5 hours every other weekend

Please send us an email to for more information on how to be a part of this movement.


Thank you,

Tae Smith, Owner


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