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Come join The Kuponya Group – a supportive and safe space created for women of color to heal, grow, and uplift one another. We understand that every woman has a unique story, and together, we strive to overcome past traumas while supporting each other on this journey.

Kuponya, meaning “to heal” in Swahili, reflects our focus on creating a community that provides a safe and empowering environment for all members. Within the Kuponya Group, we prioritize self-care, hold space for one another, and work towards creating positive change in our lives and our community.

As a member of the Kuponya Group, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a sisterhood of women who share similar experiences, challenges, and goals. Together, we will navigate the ups and downs of life and motherhood, while supporting each other in achieving our dreams and aspirations.

So, let us come together in this safe space, let us embrace the healing journey, and let us remember that we are not alone. By supporting one another, we can create a better us for ourselves and our children. Let’s get started on this journey of healing, growth, and empowerment in the Kuponya Group

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Membership will be $20/month

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