Is Cancelling Christmas too Harsh a Punishment?

Is cancelling Christmas too harsh a punishment?

Not for some moms of NOLA who have decided to do just that. They have decided to cancel Christmas for their kids who have been being disobedient in school. One mom took to Facebook her concerns about her 13 year old daughter deciding to become a class clown and neglect her class work. Her daughter who is a very smart girl has started to turn in incomplete assignments and shows no concern. Of course at home her mom ensures homework is being done and to her knowledge the class work was being done too. But just the opposite was happening. In the comments section of her post her friends bashed her decision of canceling Christmas, insisting there must be some other way to handle this. But this mom has decided to stick to her guns. Some Facebook friends believe there must be some deep underlying issue her child is dealing with, but mom shut that down quick. “She’s spoiled,” mom admits. She goes on to say how her daughter gets basically whatever she wants, she is treated to fine dining and shops weekly and has all the latest gadgets. She’s just spoiled and believes she can do whatever she wants with no consequences. So to teach her a lesson there will be no gifts under the Christmas tree for her.

Furthermore, another New Orleans mom has canceled Christmas for her 9 year old daughter as well. Just a few weeks ago at parent teacher conferences mom received some good news of improvement from her child’s teachers. So of course she was proud. Believing her daughter was on the right track she began her normal routine of buying Christmas gifts, but constant calls from her daughter’s teacher have made her return it all. Her daughter who is more than capable of exceeding in school has decided she no longer wants to cooperate. She’s even gotten in trouble for beating another kid up and bullying. Mom has had enough and has decided that maybe if she cancels Christmas then her daughter will get her mind right. Knowing this mom personally, I know that she has tried everything to chastise her child. I can attest that this child is in fact spoiled just like the Facebook mom’s daughter. She feels entitled and believes her actions will warrant no consequences.

We go above and beyond for our children wanting to give them the things and experiences we never had. We don’t realize that sometimes we over do and our children become accustomed to our actions. They believe they can get away with anything and will still be rewarded, because we are providing for them the lack we may have experienced in our childhood. When is enough really enough?


Let’s talk about it moms. What are your thoughts, is canceling Christmas too harsh a punishment? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Drop a comment below.

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