Getting back to African Spirituality

A long time ago spirituality was the way we handled all things; from our fears to our relationships. Our African ancestors used rituals and dance as a way to call upon spirits that had control over giving them much needed messages. Today, Europeans have painted a picture for us that displays these rituals as some sort of demonic activity. We have left our ancestors unemployed in a sense, as they wait for us to call on them for our help. When we have issues facing our relationships and marriages our ancestors are there to lead us. When we are unsure about where we should head, a call to them can guide us in the right direction. Our spirituality was nothing to be feared, it was something to be used for the betterment of ourselves and our communities. Spirituality was used as a vehicle of success for our families.

Long ago we had each other to depend on, the village rooted for our success, our marriages to survive, the health of families and more. Our ancestors believed that if there was a source of negativity in our lives that they too, had negativity in theirs as well. Every person had something to bring to the village, so if one had fallen off of the wagon then the whole village had something to loose by that person not being at the top of their game. So, they worked together immensely. They refereed to one villager’s kid as a child of their own, therefore the child had many many parents. Their marriage was considered the villager’s marriage as well, so they helped get couples back on track if things had fallen, they picked each other up if a one’s husband or wife had gotten sick or perished. It was insulting to call the children of our biological brothers and sisters cousins or nieces/nephews. They were our children’s brothers and sisters and our own child.

Where do we start at getting back to our African Spirituality? Well, we have picked it up a bit by placing more emphasis on Sister Circles, where we can come together and dish out our insecurities, offer advice, work together, and have unfiltered conversations. This is a big advancement when it comes to working together and wishing the best for each other. A group of women that can depend on each other and be there in the times they need most. We have to be fearless in our beliefs about our ancestors and their powers, we must get back to many old ways that have gotten lost. We are never alone with the spirits of our ancestors and a strong bond in sisterhood.

By: Moms of Color

Moms of Color

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