Everything in your Life will Link & Prepare you for your Divine (financial) Purpose- Dive in.

Moms of Color: Life experiences link to your divine purpose

Have you ever envied those people who say they’ve known what they’ve wanted to do with their lives since they were at an extremely young age? However, you on the other hand are well into adulthood and have yet to figure it out? I know I and many of us are there or at least have been. I have often imagined how much better life would be for me if only I had a sure vision of the direction I wanted to go in with my life. Well, what if I told you that you have been getting clues your entire life about what your divine purpose is, but like many of us, you haven’t linked it and/or didn’t really believe you could turn it into a business. Lets make this clear, there are situations where you simply haven’t reach all of the lessons the universe has prepared for you to learn in order for you to have that lightbulb moment of passion, sometimes we feel we don’t have a purpose, but sis, just as everything natural in this world serves a purposes, so do you. Just pay attention to the lessons. Whatever the case is don’t stress it and don’t rush it, your lessons are brewing, and when they come together the universe will begin to expect you to take action, and until those steps towards your purpose are taken then you will begin to feel less and less comfortable staying put in your current position. The universe will literally push your soul out of its comfort zone and leave you feeling soul-less in a position that isn’t in-tune with the lessons you’ve learned and the knowledge you’ve gained.

Here is a story; when I was a little girl I loved kids, because obviously I thought I was much older than I actually was. I wanted to teach them things that I learned, I wanted to comfort them when they were down and even when I began working as a teen I would buy simple gifts for my little neighborhood friends. I also remember a time in particular that there was a boy in my class who couldn’t read and it did my heart a great injustice. During recess, I would sit him down and teach him how to read everyday, and as he learned, I felt fulfilled. As I continued to grow in this small city located in Missouri, I was faced with a lot of racism that would make my blood boil. I was forced to see the abnormal treatment of black folks including myself. I’ve seen the superiority complex of white kids mimicking their parents and the inferiority complex of black kids that derived from a lack of preparation for these sort of experiences from their parents. I couldn’t wait to get out of Missouri and head to a Black University to be around my own people and even though I had these clues into my passion at a young age I still went to college for Allied Health and continued on to Grad school. My time is Missouri was a short description of my life’s experiences but today I can look back now and say those experiences were the necessary platforms for me to figure out that my life was being sewn together for a greater purpose. It was a moment of clarity when I was grown and had put the pieces together knowing I wanted to build a business that focused on kids and individuals in the black community. My divine purpose is to serve and root for my people to thrive. My life’s work could only feel purposeful once I put those actions into motion. I figured it out later than I would of desired, but nonetheless, I figured it out and to be honest, for my personal journey a college degree was never needed. The money I could have saved would have been such a treat.

Furthermore, I bet many of you have had similar situations in your lives and just hadn’t connected the dots or just haven’t developed all of the dots necessary you need to make the connection yet. Either way, here is where you need to start. What in the world makes your heart smile? Why does it make your heart smile? How can you share those experiences with others or more often with yourself? What makes your heart cry? Why does it make your heart cry? How do you believe you or others can fix it? This will be the base of your passion or passions. They can certainly change over time and that’s okay, it’s called growth. Yes sis, growth can change your entire perspective and that’s ok. Be gentle and patient with yourself, reach out for help/ advice and dive into new experiences because if you haven’t found a passion you can make a living doing yet, one way to do it is to get out there and go find it.