Black Community Unity can Bring us Major Changes

Black Community Unity can Bring Major Changes

Living in a community is more than a group of people hanging out with no purpose. It is a foundation that is an essential part of growth and conditioning. Without a doubt, It helps us to define who we are and what we represent as a whole in the community. We are able to nurture and teach the young and provide care for the elderly. For some, it is an essential place where families are raised, friends visit, and pastors hold sermons. It is truly an enjoyable feeling watching children play outside or hearing the next door neighbor sitting on the porch drinking lemonade and listening to Maze. What a feeling! Therefore, with the help of a neighborhood structure, this is how we develop a pattern of success.

We have the ability to live in decent homes, be business owners, and entrepreneurs who invest money in our schools and in our community. Decent schools in our neighborhoods are a progressive move to educate and be biased with regards to us having a say over who attends. For some, I know that may be a bit harsh, but we have to be more aggressive in our fight to be productive people in our community. Parents have to realize how crucial education is for our children. We can no longer allow them to sleep their way to a life filled with uncertainty. The time has come for parents to get off their ass and motivate their child, attend regular meetings and make sure their child is getting the education they rightfully deserve. It is not only beneficial for this generation but for many generations to come.

Let’s step up to the plate and put money back into the community and give to our own black businesses. We can choose where to shop to make sure the money doesn’t leave the community. There is no reason why we can’t flourish and hold those who live in the community accountable for their actions. We no longer have to tolerate the nonsense and accept situations that minimize our way of living. Also, it is time to stop being jealous and stabbing each other in the back when we make advancements in our lives. Let’s learn to develop and communicate effectively with each other. It would help us keep the crime rates low or nonexistent; because when we support each other, respect becomes a major impulse for creating change in one another. The quality of life can make a difference for us if we take our resources and use them to make positive differences in our community.

Written by: Deborah Ford

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