An Uplifting Message for Single Mothers

An Uplifting Message for Single Mothers 

I’ve always been amazed at the things women could achieve. We are nurturers, intellectuals, resilient and beautiful! We as women create life while adding virtue and purpose to others. This is why it always pains me to see a woman who doesn’t know her importance; because our strengths and talents are infinitive.  

The most underrated person in today’s society is the single mother.  As if being a woman isn’t hard enough, we face even more struggles as mothers. However, being a mother isn’t the hardest job; but when we are forced to do it alone, it can be overwhelming. When women raise children alone, they are instantly deprived of many opportunities; this is why families headed by single mothers are among the poorest households.  

Amidst all of these challenges, it’s not uncommon for a single mother to feel boxed in, written off, and undervalued. We are hard on ourselves because our own expectations exceed those of anyone else’s. We can’t afford to break down or have a moment because we are too busy raising doctors, actors, athletes, and activists.  

 For those mothers questioning their strength right now these are the reasons you should feel proud.  This article is for the women that are too busy being phenomenal to notice that they are.  


  • Single mothers are sometimes unaware of just how influential they can be. Our kids look to these women as examples, noticing them seemingly effortlessly create a world of infinite possibilities out of the limited opportunities given to them and it allows them to grow up and feel that they too, can do anything. Sometimes there may even be women who are going through a similar situation and knowing there are others who made it thorough and it can help them to feel empowered.  
  • Once you’ve faced single motherhood, you can achieve anything. It almost creates fearlessness in you that wasn’t there before. Going for your goals become easier, your ambition and dedication allow you to do things you may have never done otherwise, and before you know it you’re the owner of your own business or graduating with honors, or accomplishing something you’ve put off for years.  
  • Single motherhood can sometimes seem like a lonely place, but it’s actually the contrary. When you face obstacles that put you into a position to depend on others, you truly see the guardian angels you’ve been blessed with in life. You recognize the people who genuinely care about you.   
  •  Finally, the greatest gift of all is seeing your child think the world of you. Sometimes my daughter just grabs me and hugs me out of nowhere and yells “Mommieee” and like clockwork, my heart just melts out of my chest. I’ve gone weeks without sleeping, cleaned poop out of places I didn’t know it could reach, and I’ve spent plenty of days crying, but it’s all justified when I see how much she unconditionally loves me.  

I know there are women who are still trying to figure it all out. I know you’re losing sleep, patience, and sometimes even hope. I know you’re tired and it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done, but one day your 2 year old will literally think you are the funniest person alive and it’ll make it all worth it.  


Author: Christina Rousseau



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